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Why do you need veneers?

Dental veneers are thin, wafer-like shells that are used to cover the front teeth. These shells are custom made with tooth colored material. This not only changes the color of teeth but also improves the size and length. According to the doctors, it is used to make a broken tooth due to an injury. It is commonly used to reduce the gap between teeth, giving the teeth the same color, shape and evenness.


Signs and Symptoms :

 Your Teeth are Cracked, Chipped, and Broken. There are many picks for the problem and  veneers are solely one solution.

Your Teeth are Stained or Discolored. Veneers will help cover-up stains triggered by smoking or consuming coffee.

 Your Teeth are Misaligned, Uneven, or Irregularly Shaped. Talk to your dentist about options to unravel these issues however veneers can be appropriate.

Your Teeth are worn down Due to Age. Dental problems manifest with age and veneers are a great alternative for restoring the appearance of worn down teeth.

 Regular Whitening Products Don’t Work. If over-the-counter merchandise aren’t working, veneers are a great alternative.


What is the procedure for veneers?

The dental veneer method can often be done in two visits over the course of six weeks. The visits are complete and may require numerous hours of examination and tooth preparation. Dental workplaces typically boast facilities that may encompass sedation and audio/visual distractions, and dental spas even offer massages and different services to assist you relax and remain comfortable.Imaging technologies can supply you with a preview of your expected results, and earlier than and after images can permit you to view other profitable cases. Treatment begins when the examination is accomplished and the customized format designed.



  • In 50 percent of cases, it is removed from its place. If you have not got it done by a certified dentist, then there may be a risk of tooth decay. In many cases, it can cause various dental problems.