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Vaginal Rejuvenation With Radiofrequency


Why do you need Vaginal Rejuvenation With Radiofrequency?

Non-operative vulvovaginal rejuvenation is a choice for women who wish to restore their genitalia to a youthful appearance and to work. A multitude of non-operative devices with radiofrequency (RF) and laser technology entered the market, encouraging greater clarification about patients and their clinicians' symptoms, treatment choices and predicted outcomes. Dermatologists and gynecologists and plastic surgeons are also NVR professionals. However, given that there are medical options for the external genitals and the vagina, the term NVR is used to better describe the scale of possible areas of care with no surgery, instead of "vaginal rejuvenation" alone. These may be an alternative or an addition to invasive solutions with increased downtime, pain or cost. This equipment is also possible. The wide term vaginal corrective therapies are vaginal rejuvenation. Such operations may be carried out for medical or age-related purposes, for example, lack of vaginal pressure and urine incontinence. Non-surgical therapy for vaginal regeneration provides energy-based therapies. Vaginal radiofrequency rejuvenation. Radiofrequency energy may be used to strengthen the vaginal region both internally and externally. RF energy produces heat deep within the tissues to improve the development of collagens to firmly compress skin and muscles in the vaginal canal.


What is the procedure for Vaginal Rejuvenation With Radiofrequency?

RF vaginal rejuvenation is non-invasive and requires no patient anesthesia or anesthesia. During the 15-30 minute procedure, the patient can sit comfortably on a table with his legs spread out around. The handpiece, a thin sample with an emissary RF energy tip, is inserted into the vagina and pushed back and forth, slowly raising the tissue. The hand part may be added to the outer lips as well. The majority of patients are only feeling a tolerable, warm sensation and can restart any normal activity on the day of treatment, including sex. The treatment is not linked to downtime or rehabilitation. After RF, tenderness is normally low to no. Patients typically do not require drugs after diagnosis. A few days after diagnosis, patients can experience vaginal discharge. Patients can have to abstain from sex and tampons 1-4 days after diagnosis, depending on the system used.

The object of vaginal rejuvenation radiofrequency is to tackle patient sexual in satisfaction, lip laxity (inside and outside) and incontinence.