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Thread Lift

Why do you need Thread Lift?

With age, our skin becomes loose and saggy. If you think you require a visible lift in the skin, then instead of removing your extra folds of skin, we suspend the skin up portions of it. It reduces the sagging around the cheeks, jawline, and neck. To reposition the facial tissues, the thread lift is performed, and the results are truly effective.

What is the procedure for Thread Lift?

During the thread facelift, the cosmetic surgeon on board inserts thin threads into the face of the patient through small incisions made in the area. Then, the threads are attached to the skin tissue and then pulled back to lift the face. It eliminates the sagging skin and gives patients a youthful look and rejuvenated face contour. The scarring of the surgery is barely visible and fades with time as they are hidden within the skin itself once the threads are knotted.