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Skin Sagging Treatment

Why do you need Skin Sagging Treatment?

Don’t you need something to improve your skin’s elasticity? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Well, by taking a skin sagging treatment from Dermacare Clinics, you can celebrate a young and healthy skin for many more years to come. Your skin needs collagen to remain tight and vibrant, and we suggest treatments that produce collagen which is responsible to maintain skin’s elasticity and prevents sagginess.

What is the procedure for Skin Sagging Treatment?

Our dermatologists and skilled plastic surgeons have a plethora of skin sagging treatments that actually work and show visible results in a few weeks. With the help of radiofrequency (RF), we have treated patients with loose and droopy skin. During this method, RF energy penetrates into the skin and creates more collagen that is responsible to maintain the elasticity in the skin.

Ultrasound energy is also an effective therapy, which is all about sending sound waves to boost collagen under the skin’s surface. It gives a firm and tight skin to those suffering from droopy neck, chin, and brow areas. Other than these treatments we suggest patients go for a facelift, arm lift, thread lift, which actually work wonders.