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O-shot for female sexual quality enhancement

Why do you need O-shot for female sexual quality enhancement?

The Orgasm "O" Shot is a non-surgical therapy that encourages sexual pleasure and rejuvenation of the vagina. More strongly and more regularly recorded orgasms, increased natural lubrication and increased anticipation following the procedure. The 'O-Shot' is an injection-based procedure for the diagnosis and enhancement of female sexual response. This operates by separating the body by the use of the female blood and inserting it into the vaginal walls and clitoral parts. In effect, this can boost female libido, anticipation, and orgasms. The OS involves administering plasma-rich platelets (PRPs), in particular positions in the vaginal wall, lips, and clitoris. PRP is a blood-derived treatment for the patient. PRP includes plasma particles, which cause natural signals for growth and reparation in the body when injected. The enabled genital cure mechanisms refill the flow of blood, lubrication, sensation and orgasmic ability. Following the O-Shot injection, you'll be tightened and truly feel rejuvenated. Sexual intercourse should eventually be fun again, and a stronger orgasm is likely. A simple procedure has shown that the stress incontinence problem is solved.


What is the procedure for O-shot for female sexual quality enhancement?

The treatment is the same for men as the P-Shot. The patient's blood, normally in his limbs, is taken away and inserted in a tube. The test tube enters a centrifuge which is turned very rapidly and separates the plasma from the other sections of the blood. When done, the cream is added to the vagina's target zone and the plasma is pumped into the vaginal wall by the clitoris. It takes no more than an hour to complete the entire process. When the blood cells are attracted to the injection site, there are increased libido returns and sensations of sex.  There might be a little flickering immediately after the operation, but it stops in a short time. All tasks following the treatment, including hard work and sex, can be resumed without downtime. Some women say there are hyper-sexuality feelings that are resolved within a couple of days. The maximum effects of O-Shot are affected in three to four weeks, as the new growth factors must induce stem cell activity to improve blood flow and build new nerve endings in the vaginal tissue. The O-Shot results will last for up to two years. Although one treatment is typically all that is required, a repeat procedure can be preferred for certain women not sooner than 8 weeks after the first treatment.