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Laser Vulvar whitening

Why do you need Laser Vulvar Whitening?

Vulvar whitening is a procedure intended to remove the symptoms of vaginal discoloration, which provides a healthier and more attractive look. The color of your vulva and labia from dark to pink is totally healthy. In comparison to other whitening agents for the vaginal setting, those contain natural ingredients rather than chemicals. Vitamins A, E, and C are infused. It is safe to check with a physician if you are using any vulvar or vaginal whitening creams. In comparison to vaginal mucosa covered by nonkeratinized epithelial of the same kind, the entire volva consisting of the mons pubs, labia majora, and the clitoris, and the vulval vestibule is covered by keratinized squamous epithelial. The labia is mainly containing hair and sebaceous glands and sweat. They refer to the male scrotum embryologically. The vulva lymph nodes pass from the inguinal lymph nodes through external iliac lymph nodes. The region has a rather good vascular character [1, 2]. Vulvar blanking is completely painless. You can be sensed with topical creams and therapies, but they won't harm you. They are naturally applied and soaked in the body. Vulvar whitener is similar to the lotion you would use in other areas of your body. If you are  dissatisfied with your vaginal region, vulvar whitening can be a great treatment. Laser & Vitality's healthcare provider should ensure that medication is properly formulated and delivered so that you can obtain the most successful outcomes as soon as possible.  


What is the procedure for Laser Vulvar whitening?

Vulvar whitening with a topical cream or gel is performed most often. These are infused with delicate lightening agents to the sensitive areas in the vagina. The majority of them are made with natural ingredients that do not cause side effects like rashes or skin irritation. Combining topical cream and light treatments can improve performance and deliver results more quickly. Laser & Vitality uses the Best Pixel laser to ensure a fast and secure illumination of your skin. This soft laser works in combination with creams and gels, offering patients who need more intensive lightening fast and healthy blanketing. The Pixel Perfect laser light also helps stimulate collagen growth that enhances the overall appearance of the area being treated. As a consequence, the face is younger.