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Labia Majora Plasty

Why do you need Labia Majora Plasty?

Labia Majoraplasty is a type of vaginal esthetic surgery to reshape your vagina's external lips. Some women may feel elongated, bulges, or asymmetrical in the external lips of the vagina. The external lips, known as lips more, may look like this or develop as a consequence of birth, aging, or loss of weight. The gynecologic surgeon removes excess skin in the course of a Majoraplasty lipid and restores the labia majora. Labia Majoraplasty is an optional method that improves looks and reduces discomfort. Excess skin may cause skin slackening and wrinkles in the lips. In some cases, tight clothing such as swimming suits, leggings, and leotards can be seen with enlarged lips. Apart from esthetic problems, wear close clothing can be uncomfortable because of excessive sweating or rubbing. Labia Majoraplasty can also be carried out in order to correct rings or stubble tearing and scarring. Labia Majoraplastic treatment often occurs in combination with other types of cosmetic operations, such as vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty surgery, and hymenoplasty traditional procedures. 



What is the procedure for Labia Majora Plasty?

Usually this procedure leads to smaller, tighter lips. In patients with excess skin, the loss of lips most often improves as the patient stands. This procedure can result in a lower profile in patients with excess volume. The majority of patients take a week off work during which they can reduce swelling and pain by freezing a cold pack between the lower legs of the patient and elastic clothing like Spanx. Swelling may last for 6 months or longer depending on the thickness of the tissue, but much of the swelling has elapsed after 6 weeks. Labia Majoraplasty is performed in the operating and office at a dramatically lower cost under local anesthesia. It takes 60 minutes for this procedure. Excess skin and tissue can enlarge the wider outer lips of the vulva. This extension may cause a puzzling bulge of pants, bathtubs, or leotards. The sweating of the vulva can also increase discomfort. Lap Majora can be enlarged either by birth, by secondary birth, or by aging. Many women also have a fairly large, droopy lip, especially after significant weight loss like post-bariatric surgery. In the crease between the inner and the outer lips, the scar is concealed.