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Why do you need Arm Tuck?  

Hymenoplasty treatment is an operating process to strain the outer edges of the vagina by rebuilding the tissue of the hymen. Hymenoplasty is often used to treat vaginal damage caused in accidental cases, heightened weightlifting and other scenarios in which hymen structural stability is compromised since the hymen is present along the vaginal entrance. Hymenoplasticity with negligible risk is considered to be largely safe. However, some complications and potential risks arise in the operation. This is the operation to reconstruct the hymen, a rose-colored membrane that is present to prevent the vaginal entry. Hymenoplasty treatments are also known as the reconstruction of the hymen, repair of the hymen, hymenorrhaphy, operation of the hymens. Hymenoplasticism is a procedure for the reconstruction of the ripped hymen. Hymenoplasty seeks to invisibly repair the hymen, which is often interrupted after sex. Hymenoplasty is usually performed for personal or post-sexual reasons. In general, for cultural and religious reasons women seek hymenoplasty. In most cases, she would have lost her virginity in intercourse before marriage and would like to restore her. The girl would have lost her hymen in some cases due to non-sexual activities; however, they still find it necessary for the hymen to be remedied due to religious or social norms. Hymen repair is an easy procedure, where the ripe edges together with dissolvable stitches are stitched. It is done only with local anesthesia and is usually done as a case procedure during the day.



-  Hematomas and bleeding.

-  Hymen discoloration.

-  Stupidity.

-  Postop swellings.

-  Pains and bruising.


What is the procedure for Arm Tuck?

It can be stitched together when there are rests of the hymen. Local anesthesia or sometimes a general one to prevent pain and discomfort will be given. Then the surgeon sews the torn parts-the stitches can be dissolved. The whole operation takes about 30 to 40 minutes and usually takes place on an ambulatory basis. This technique is used if the remaining pieces can not be stitched together. A biomaterial is placed in the vagina by the surgeon, and this rippling material is the hymen. It takes about two hours and you will get local anesthetic. The surgeon uses the tissue from the lip of the vagina to create a new hymen in the procedure. This method requires that you abstain for a minimum of three months from sexual intercourse.