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Hair Fall Treatment

Why do you need a hair fall treatment?

There’s no denying the fact that your hair enhances your personality, makes you look attractive, and improves your outward appearance. People who suffer from hair loss and balding often live in inferiority complex and feel low in confidence. Here, we offer treatments which promote hair growth and slow hair loss.

What is the procedure for hair fall treatment?

To diagnose the cause behind hair fall, our specialists conduct a blood test, pull test, scalp biopsy, and light microscopy. It helps them determine the stage of the shedding process and uncover medical conditions, disorders, or infections that might be causing hair fall. We have efficacious treatments for this concern that include medications, food supplements, surgery like hair transplant and hair growth laser therapy to reverse hair loss, or at least slow down further thinning. PRP has been found very effective treatment as it increases the density of hair by stimulating stem cells in the bulb of hair root for growth.