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G-Spot Amplification

Why do you need G-Spot Amplification?

G-spot enhancement (also known as G-spot increases or G-shot amplifications) is a technique designed to temporarily enhance the satisfaction of sexually active women with a normal sexually active feature in order to boost the G-spot size and sensitivity. Many women claim it's a highly erogenous region that enhances sexual pleasure, when stimulated, and contributes to a near-instant orgasm. No evidence of the presence of the G-spot or source of feminine ejaculation has been provided. While the G-spot has been studied since the 1940s, variations still remain as a distinct structure. The G-spot is an extension of the clitoris, which together can induce vaginal orgasms. Sexologists and other researchers are worried that women may find this unstable when they are stimulated by a G-spot and stress that this is not natural. The Grafenburg spot (the G-spot) is improved in women sexually involved, with daily sexual functions by a non-Chirurgie, physician-administered procedure. This takes less than 30 minutes and lasts 4 to 6 months for the treatment in the hospital. G-Spot is situated 1 to 3 cm up a vaginal wall from the opening to the urethra, which may be part of the female prostate. It is a sensitive location.


What is the procedure for G-Spot Amplification?

The treatment starts with the doctor locating the G-pot with a specially built measuring speculum. The G Spot is injected with a synthetics human collagen that produces a marble-built nub which pushes against the spot under local anesthetics. Injection: It leads to a bigger G-spot. It will only take a few minutes and the doctor will guess in the G-spot using the tool used for a pap smear. The cream is hooked and hyaluronic acid is then injected. This has an excellent capacity to bind water, which allows stability and humidity in the G-spot for any damaged tissue. The first step to decide where to put the needle is to evaluate the patient's own location within the vagina, which feels nice to reach. In order to find out. Instead, before injecting G-shot into that region, a doctor must administer the addictive agent lidocaine. Rarely, however, there are some complications (such as injections) such as possible infections in the region or urinary retention problems. Rising shot costs approximately $2,000, and is four to six months long.