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Dimple Creation

Why do you need Dimple Creation Surgery?

Dimples are believed to enhance the attractiveness of the face and improve the smile. Thus, this feature is associated with beauty. With technology advancements in cosmetology and the latest surgical techniques, it is now possible to create dimples in both cheeks. At Dermacare Clinics, we will make your journey from an ordinary smile to a pretty dimple smile effortless and seamless.

What is the procedure for Dimple Creation?

The surgical procedure is called dimpleplasty which takes place after putting the patient under general anesthesia. This will numb the area of the skin which the surgeon is going to operate. After the effect of anesthesia, the surgeon makes a small depression or a hole in your skin using a small biopsy instrument to manually create a dimple. A small amount of fat is removed from the area which is 2 to 3 millimeters in length. It supports the dimple creation process. After creating space for dimple, the surgeon positions a suture (sling) from one side of the cheek to the other. This is done from inside the mouth, thus it doesn’t leave any scars outside. The sling is then tied to set the dimple. The entire procedure takes at least 20 minutes.