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Clitoral Hoodectomy

Why do you need Clitoral Hoodectomy?

Clitoral Hoodectomy is a plastic operation intended to enhance the esthetic look of the female vulva. Sometimes the skin covering the clitoris is excessive and thus reduces sexual sensitivity. It can also be more than the average of this overhanging hood. A procedure that can be carried out with local anesthesia, such as clitoral Hoodectomy, may help shorten and increase the appearance and sexual function of the female genital area in some cases. A clitoral Hoodectomy is often called the equivalent female of a male prepuce. An enlarged cap can be a source of embarrassment and a strain in relationships for many women with their sex partners. Mentally, the self-confidence and problems of the intimacy of a woman may directly affect the appearance of her vagina. Clitoral Hoodectomy is aimed at improving the female's sexual function and esthetic vagina appearance. Because of the good blood supply to the clitoral or labial tissue as well as the production of collagen faster in these areas, the operating wounds heal very quickly. It is still important to follow all advice from your surgeon and clinical attendant before and after the operation so as to ensure the best recovery possible. The initial mild discomfort and swelling are normal but are expected to decrease in the few days after the procedure. Exercise should be prevented for a period of 6 weeks according to the instructions of your surgeon, including all physical and sexual activities. This procedure's patient satisfaction rate is extremely high because it improves the quality of life, it removes the possibility of chafing and discomfort while improving the sex experience of a patient.

What is the procedure for Clitoral Hoodectomy?


Clitoral Hoodectomy reduction is microsurgery. The procedure will not leave any scars after the complete healing. In tissue folds around the surgical area, tiny, barely visible incisions will be concealed. After the operation, there will be some numbness, but that will decrease. The engorgement is by no means indicative of nerve damage or damage. Indeed, the sensitivity to the clitoris will be increased after wear off because of easier access to the effect. It takes around an hour to perform the whole procedure according to what needs to be done.