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Why do we need a treatment for Alopecia?

Alopecia is a disorder that causes unpredictable hair loss in small patches, which go unnoticed in the beginning, but when the patches connect, it becomes a major concern for those suffering from it. Loss of hair is natural during the hair growth cycle, but it is considered a cosmetic problem when it happens more than the natural process at the wrong time. It may be caused due to several reasons, including diseases, drugs, aging, diet, as well as a genetic predisposition for hair loss called androgenic alopecia (common balding).

What is the procedure to treat Alopecia?

Talking about the treatments of Alopecia, our experienced doctors diagnose the problem and suggest the treatments accordingly. There are a number of medications and powerful anti-inflammatory drugs that are available to help stimulate hair growth. Steroid injections are also used to treat mild Alopecia to regrow hair on bald spots. Besides these, oral treatments and light therapy work wonders too. Light therapy is also known as photochemotherapy, which is a radiation treatment that uses UV light and oral medication called psoralens.