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Acne Management

Why do you need Acne Management treatment?

Acne is a skin problem that needs no introduction. To treat these painful stubborn breakouts, sometimes even prescribed creams, antibiotics, and medications don’t work. In such cases, you can seek help from our experienced dermatologists who will suggest you the best acne treatment after carefully examining your condition. Acne can become worse if you don’t take the right treatment at the right time. At Dermacare Clinics, we have several acne management treatments that will surely help you get rid of acne.

What is the procedure for Acne Management?

In light therapy, our doctors expose the affected area by exposing the skin to different types of lights that kill the acne-causing bacteria. With pulsed light and heat energy, acne bacteria are killed. In addition, it helps in shrinking the oil glands that prevent acne to reoccur.

With the procedure of medical peeling, we can improve the appearance of your skin and can control some types of acne. To start with this treatment, your doctor applies a mild medical solution to the affected area which helps to open the pores and removes dead skin cells. It generates new skin growth.

In drainage and extractions, our doctors use special instruments to remove the cysts, blackheads, and whiteheads, thereby leaving the patients with a clear appearance of your skin.